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Take part in intense battles against deadly creatures out to wreak havoc and destroy everything in their path in Another Hunt, a third-person online multiplayer game.


Application information

Name Another Hunt
Version 1.0
Size 90 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer TwoMan


Another Hunt is a thrilling experience that pits you and your friend’s against an army of ferocious creatures in a battle for survival. Engage in intense Player Vs Player and Player Vs Environment battles in a world overrun by monsters. In your arsenal, you have a myriad of techniques to subdue your enemies ranging from unique abilities and devastating weapons that would be sure to balance the odds in your favor.

Another Hunt download is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where you can either play as the predator or the prey depending on your preferred play style. Get to terrorize your opponents as an expert hunter striking fear into their hearts as they try to escape from your grasp. The thrill of being a hunter is fully explored and can be enjoyed with friends or alone versus the very competent and intelligent AI system.


The game plays out with you hopping into a world with enemies all around the map for you to mow down with friends. They keep coming at you so you must be very alert and quick to adapt your play to their advances. Each encounter will involve you defeating a host of enemies in a bid to garner enough points to win the game. Another Hunt is a very competitive game with a battle royale system where the winner is determined by how many points they have earned from defeating enemies.

Each battle in Another Hunt for Android ends with you earning gold coins for your achievements. These gold coins can then be used to level up your character or even to unlock much stronger characters. Developed by TwoMan, Another Hunt lets you live out your dream of being a respectable hunter with godlike skills and abilities, providing you with a truly exhilarating experience all in a beautifully animated 3D package.

How to Play

  • Start Another Hunt and pick your faction.
  • Be a Hunter or be Hunted
  • Play against AI or with Friends Online
  • As a hunter, you will be armed with different guns to hunt the other team
  • As a prey, you will have to survive against the Hunters
  • Use the on-screen virtual navigation to move
  • Use the shoot button to fire or toss explosives like grenades
  • Win battles to earn gold coins and cool rewards
  • Use the gold coins to upgrade your character to boost your stats

Exciting Features to Look Out for in Another Hunt

  • Outstanding 3D Graphics and Animations

Another Hunt is a stunning game, the graphics are very well done with bursting colors and a cartoonish art style sure to keep your attention. The game world isn’t very big but the places you can go have all been thoughtfully constructed with impeccable detail. It looks especially impressive for a mobile game making it one of the best games I’ve seen around.

  • Find and face off against monsters

The gameplay of Another Hunt for android is a 1v4 combat experience where a hunter has to face off against monsters on the map. The monsters are free to roam and hide from you as they try to collect keys to escape the map. If they get caught in your crosshairs as the hunter, they will meet a very swift end which will earn you rewards and gold coins for each kill.

  • A ton of fun game modes

What truly makes Another Hunt an outstanding experience is how hard it is for things to get repetitive. The game has 4 unique game modes that are a lot of fun and offer many gameplay opportunities.The four modes are Bounty Hunter, Classic Mode, Co-op Mode, and Boss Hunt Mode. Each game mode has its own gameplay loop so you can try them all out and see which one is the most fun.

  • Earn rare rewards in daily battles

Another Hunt makes just playing the game a reward by giving you epic rewards for free. Completing daily challenges or weekly tasks will earn you gold coins and experience points. The additional coins can then be used for weapon purchases and upgrades.

  • Addictive Gameplay

The addictive gameplay of Another Hunt is its biggest selling point as it differentiates itself from other games in its genre. The two-role system which allows you to play as either a hunter or prey sets up some great gameplay opportunities and can lead to some memorable moments.

Useful tips for Features of Another Hunt

  • Explore both gameplay roles

The two gameplay roles in Another Hunt for android are Hunter and Prey, as a hunter you will be placed in a map swarming with monsters that you must eliminate, while as a prey you will have to escape the crosshairs of the hunter and escape the map.

  • Find hiding spots as a monster

When playing as a monster, the hunter will be all over the map and you will be easy to spot if you’re not careful. Use the environment to pick secure hiding spots where the hunter cannot find you before you make your escape.

  • Keep up with the daily rewards

Every day that you play Another Hunt 2023 earns you cool rewards which you can then use to enhance your character. Completing challenges will also get you extra gold coins that you can also reinvest in your character.

Another Hunt Download

Another Hunt download scratches the itch of every wannabe hunter by giving them a space where they can exercise their hunting skills against real people. The game is best enjoyed online where your true survival skills will be put to the test against strategic hunters and prey.


Another Hunt latest version is great for anyone seeking a challenge and for those who like tense situations that require them to adapt swiftly. The game really knows how to get your blood pumping and will surely be a fun way to sharpen your instincts and survival tactics.

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