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BONY162 Furniture Addon Minecraft PE Mods allow users to decorate their Minecraft world with working furniture blocks, including sofas, chairs, and many more!

Application information

Name BONY162 Furniture Addon
Version 1.0.7
Size 66 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer B0NY434445

BONY162 Furniture Addon - Best Interactive Furniture Blocks!

BONY162 Furniture Addon Minecraft PE Mods features over one hundred and seventy different types of furniture pieces for players to use and interact with. BONY162 Furniture Addon serves as a holiday treat for people who love the soothing aspect of Minecraft; DECORATION!

Decorating your house is a big part of Minecraft, as it keeps the excitement going and gives the game a “homely” vibe. BONY162 Furniture Addon enhances the Minecraft decoration experience and adds a layer of hundreds of furniture styles to your inventory.

So, tap on the BONY162 Furniture Addon MCPE download button and complete the dream of making your dream house in your favourite block-video game. BONY162 Furniture Addon Minecraft PE Mods speciality is its decoration-exclusive nature.

Most of the furniture equipment has been kept interactive to keep the players indulged in their beloved homes. Various furniture options are available for decoration, including TV, computer, CCTV cameras, fridge, side tables, window blinds, kitchen equipment, lamps, and many more.

Most of these furniture blocks are usable, so you won’t blindly place decoration blocks in your home. Most of the furniture equipment will have a unique functionality bringing liveliness to the game!

Also, the procedure to get the furniture equipment in Survival mode has been kept straightforward and unique. A very complex game model can bore the players easily, but that's different with BONY162 Furniture Addon MCPE Mods.

Players can obtain furniture equipment by exchanging emeralds with the traders wandering on the map. That way, BONY162 Furniture Addon also keeps in check that players enjoy the original Minecraft experience.

The textures on the wide variety of blocks are also realistic and on-point, giving off a real-life feeling. You won’t see an extra pixel while decorating your home with interactive furniture in BONY162 Furniture Addon PE Mods.

So, whether you want living room furniture, bathroom equipment, bedroom fitments, kitchen crockery or dining room fittings, BONY162 Furniture Addon MCPE Mods have got you covered!

Tap on the BONY162 Furniture Addon MCPE Mods download button immediately and start building your dream home with all the fancy furniture equipment and lavish fitments!

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