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Download College Brawl latest version and help your friend recover his belongings from criminals. It has intense fighting sessions that'll test your resilience.


Application information

Name College Brawl
Version 1.4.1
Size 47 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Supercell

About College Brawl Download

College Brawl is a combat game set in a college premises. You play as Ken, a brave college student who goes after criminals to help his friend recover his belongings. You'll face the Red Kat thugs, a group of delinquent college students known for their violent robbery and criminal activities.

As such, you must engage in intense fighting sessions with these criminals, putting your combat skills and dexterity to the test. You should be quick on your feet, using a combination of strategic moves and powerful attacks to defeat your opponents.


However, the game is not only about combat. You must also take advantage of the various tools and resources available within the college campus to achieve your objectives. These include hiding in dark corners, using distraction techniques, and exploiting weaknesses in enemy defenses.

Overall, the game will give you an exciting and challenging experience, testing your wits and determination as you take on the malicious Red Kat thugs. If you're looking for a fun and immersive combat game with a thrilling storyline, check out College Brawl for Android today!

College Brawl New Version- Background Story

If you've been to college, you opine that it's a hectic and often chaotic place. With so many students coming and going all the time, there are bound to be criminal activities taking place under the radar.

Enter Ken, a brave college student who decides to take matters into his own hands when his friend becomes the victim of a dangerous robbery. Ken sets out on a quest to track down the criminals and get his friend's belongings back, no matter what it takes.


As he journeys deeper into the college campus, Ken encounters a group of vicious and dangerous criminals known as Red Kat. These thugs are notorious for their violent robberies, using any means necessary to get what they want.

To take them down, Ken must engage in intense fighting sessions with these criminals. He must use a combination of strategic moves and powerful attacks to defeat his opponents. This will not be easy, but Ken is determined to succeed. Can you help him in his quest? Download the game and start your adventure now.


Outstanding Features of College Brawl 2024

  • Unique 2-Dimensional Game. The game's developer created a distinct 2-dimensional style that gives the game a classic and nostalgic feel. Every element in the game has a retro vibe, from the animations to the sound effects and music.
  • Brutal Battle Escapades. This game will not be a walk in the park. You will have to use your wits and battle prowess to take down the Red Kat thugs and their allies in a series of epic encounters. From hide-and-seek missions to brawling sessions, you'll never run out of challenges in this game.
  • Challenging Storyline. The storyline is captivating and immersive, taking you on an exciting campus tour. It will keep you on your toes as you plot new strategies and techniques to overcome each obstacle.
  • Monitor Your Energy Levels. Your vitality is critical to the success of your mission. Ensure you keep an eye on your KI & HP levels to ensure you don't run out of steam in the middle of a fight. Your energy will decrease as you get hit, and you must replenish it using the HP points.
  • Intense Boss Fights. This game features powerful bosses with unique skills and abilities. You must observe their patterns and weaknesses to succeed in these battles. Ensure you capitalize on their weaknesses and find creative ways to defeat them.
  • Upgrade Your Weaponry. When starting, you'll only be equipped with basic weapons. However, you can progressively upgrade these weapons to make them more powerful and effective. This way, you can stand a better chance of winning every battle and taking down the Red Kat thugs.
  • Earn Awards. This game has an HP & KI awards system that encourages players to complete objectives. These points help you re-stock basic supplies and purchase new weapons. You can even use them to rejuvenate your energy levels and take on more challenges.
  • Numerous Characters. While Ken is the main hero of this game, you'll also encounter other characters with unique powers and abilities. For example, Anko is an aggressive girl who can easily beat her opponents with flying kicks and sweeps.
  • Gather Grocery & Food Stuff. This game has a food and grocery system that allows you to collect ingredients, cook tasty meals, and earn bonus points. Just keep an eye out for these resources as they can help with your overall performance in the game.

System Requirements & Additional Information

This game is 47MB and can work with Android 5.0+ devices. It is optimized for users with at least 2GB RAM, but it can run on devices with as little as 1GB RAM.

Additionally, it requires an internet connection to work. We recommend you connect to a stable Wi-Fi network for the best performance.

Proven Tips for Playing College Brawl

  • Be on the lookout for additional resources, such as groceries and foodstuff. These can help you stay energized, which is essential to your success in this game. Fruits like apples will replenish both your KI and HP points.
  • Pay attention to the enemy's patterns and weaknesses. This will help you devise effective strategies for defeating them, such as using powerful attacks or evading their blows.
  • Upgrade your weapons often, especially if they become ineffective against certain enemies. You can earn bonus points by completing achievements or beating specific bosses.
  • Don't forget to monitor your energy levels. If you start to run low, look for HP & KI awards to recharge your vitality.


College Brawl is an exciting mobile game that challenges you to fight Red Kat thugs and other enemies. To succeed, you must be strategic, observant, and quick on your feet.

Additionally, you should regularly upgrade your weapons and collect additional resources, such as food and groceries. These will help you stay energized and take on tough challenges. Download the game and start your quest for survival and victory!

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