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Download FEMTALITY APK and enjoy an action beat 'em up RPG experience. It has many supernatural characters to keep you super entertained.


Application information

Version 0.12.0
Size 595 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer AerisettaPixiv

About FEMTALITY APK Download

Femtality is an action-brawler game featuring Aerisetta, a powerful character from the Demon Realm. She is the most feared Princess of Succubus, and she is determined to take over the universe.

She has an impressive arsenal of weapons & abilities at her disposal. Even better, she can summon demons and use her magical powers to destroy her enemies.


However, she has a problem since her Succubus powers are working as she'd want. As such, she must find a way to manipulate the powers of the Demon Realm & use them to her advantage.

Can she make everyone submit? Since this is the only way to conquer the universe, she must be creative & courageous in her approach. Join her in this adventure!

Game Setting and Other Features

The game is set in an old castle and beautifully rendered 3D environments. The ancient-themed anime environment is detailed, offering different interactive elements to make the game more immersive.


Players will start the game with basic weapons and tools. Fortunately, they can level up their character and get stronger weapons & abilities as they progress.


The game also has a dialogue system that lets players converse with characters. They can also have special interactions with key NPCs and discover secrets hidden in the castle.

This high level of engagement makes Femtality an exciting experience. Every obstacle and challenge require players to use their wits, think strategically, and take risks.

Overall, Femtality is a great game for those who want an action-brawler experience with plenty of thrilling moments. Get ready to join Aerisetta on her mission for world domination!

Features of FEMTALITY APK 2024

  • Highly Engaging Brawler Experience (With Arcade Elements). The action is frantic as players battle hordes of enemies with various weapons and skills - while earning rewards for successful playthroughs.
  • Smooth Gameplay and Immersive 3D Environment. The game features smooth controls that let you perform awesome combos, dodge attacks, and explore the castle without any lag or stuttering. The 3D environment is highly detailed, offering a beautiful backdrop to the action.
  • Unique Summoning System and Crafting. Players can summon allies to fight alongside them during battles. They can also craft new weapons & items, enabling them to defeat their adversaries hassle-free.
  • 120+ Femtality Finisher Scenes. This game offers unique scenes that provide hypnotic images and super engaging dialogues. It guarantees 100% engagement throughout the gameplay session.


Femtality APK for Android is one of the best brawler games to keep you on the edge of your seat. It provides intense gameplay moments as you follow Aerisetta’s journey to world domination.

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