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Download Forest of the Blue Skin latest version to fight enemies & interact with in-game characters. It is a fast-paced game that'll keep your heart pumping.


Application information

Name Forest of the Blue Skin
Version 6.0.1
Size 120 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer zell2323

Forest of the Blue Skin 2024 is an exciting, side-scrolling 2D platformer game by zell2323. You play Kuro, a young, adventurous boy tasked with capturing monster girls & bringing them to the village. The task requires courage and skill as you explore a forest full of treacherous obstacles and enemies.

Additionally, you will be required to fulfill certain conditions before you can capture any target. This will involve solving puzzles, defeating monsters, and gathering items. Even then, not all characters will be captured easily. With each successful capture, you'll gain intimate rewards worth every moment.

Besides, the special abilities you gain after each capture will help you progress through the game hassle-free. Your special abilities (retained permanently) include:

  • Fast Running. This helps you quickly traverse the forest, chase beautiful in-game characters, and escape enemies.
  • Protective Slime Wall. This creates a barrier between you and the monsters, protecting you from damage.
  • Ability to Dodge Enemies & Capture Faster. With this, you can circumvent dangerous enemies quickly and capture your targets fast. Even better, hiding from hell-bent adversaries has never been easier.
  • Ability to Jump Higher & Destroy Rocks. With this, you can jump higher and break rocks that stand between you and the girls.

These are just a few abilities you can get to progress through the Forest of the Blue Skin for Android. Download it now and enjoy an adventure full of mysterious surprises!

Other Special Features of Forest of the Blue Skin Download

  • Fill Up the Pleasure Bar. This game is about hooking up and having fun. Thus, it has a pleasure bar that you must fill up before you can experience unforgettable gratification.
  • Take Care of Your Life. Ensure you replenish it by completing more missions to bring your life back to its full capacity after every escapade. 
  • Different Areas to Explore. The game takes place in various locations, each filled with its challenges and dangers. They include forests, deserts, mansions, swamps, and tombs. More areas are added with every upgrade.
  • Easy-to-Play Game Rules. The game is straightforward and requires no prior gaming experience to understand.
  • Cartoonish Graphics. The game features bright and vibrant cartoon graphics that give it a unique style and make for a fun experience. Its 2D pixelated art style will bring a smile to your face.

Overall, this game offers a perfect mix of exploration, fun, & pleasure. With its easy-to-play game rules and cartoonish graphics, you'll be guaranteed unrivaled gameplay.

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