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Download Goddesses’ Whim APK latest version for adventurous RPG gameplay. You’ll help the protagonist to befriend characters, collect treasures, & complete missions. 

Application information

Name Goddesses' Whim
Version 0.2.9
Size 1 GB
Category Role playing
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Goddesses' Whim APK for Android is a game being developed by Ncrow, a Patreon creator. It features a protagonist living a boring and lonely life.

However, he has a golden heart and always enjoys helping others. One selfless act set the stage for an epic journey of self-discovery. He decides to sacrifice his life for another, which attracts the attention of a goddess. 

goddesses whim apk1

The goddess grants him a second chance at life but with a twist. He must live in a world where he is surrounded by beautiful and powerful women who are interested in him. 

Determined to seize this extraordinary opportunity, the protagonist embarked on a journey of transformation. This opens a world brimming with affection and adventure.

The game is a visual novel with RPG elements, where the player can interact with different characters, explore the world, & make choices that affect the story/ the outcome. It targets fans of visual novels, RPGs, and anime, providing them with an incredibly hypnotic gameplay experience.

What are the Unique Features of Goddesses' Whim APK Download?

  • A Unique Affection System. Goddesses' Whim APK introduces an Affection System, a core element influencing relationships. Interactions and choices dynamically shape connections with enchanting characters, paving the way for evolving relationships based on shared experiences.
  • Exploration/Sandbox Experiences. The game boasts an expansive world that allows players to explore a vast, intricate world. It provides the freedom to uncover secrets, embark on quests, and shape their adventure at their own pace, enriching the gaming experience.
goddesses whim apk2
  • Customized H Animations. Adding a personal touch, Customized H Animations enhance intimate encounters, allowing players to tailor these moments. This feature deepens emotional engagement, bringing players closer to the characters and the story.
  • Unsophisticated Mission Interface. The Mission Interface offers clear objectives, enabling seamless navigation of quests. It serves as a roadmap, aiding players in prioritizing tasks and staying immersed in the storyline.
goddesses whim apk 3
  • Hints System. The Hints System provides subtle guidance and tips, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. It helps in overcoming challenges and making informed decisions throughout the journey.
  • Collection-Harvesting (Fish/Wood/Gold). Collection-Harvesting lets them gather vital resources like fish, wood, and gold. These resources play a crucial role in encouraging strategic decisions and enhancing the overall gameplay by enabling crafting, trading, and skill enhancements.
  • Regular Updates. This game is updated weekly, guaranteeing fresh and entertaining content. 


In Goddesses' Whim APK, players are transported into a world of altruism, adventure, and relationships. It invites them to explore a vibrant universe, connect with interesting characters, and embark on an unforgettable gaming journey. 

It's all about selflessness and love, creating a simple yet captivating gaming interesting. Try it now!

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