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Download Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK latest version and interact with Genshin Impact's characters in a magical world. It has numerous customization options and diverse activities.

Application information

Name Jade Chamber Sunshine Test
Version 0.7
Size 242 MB
Category Simulation
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer NorKoala

What to Know About Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK 2024?

Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK 2024 is an exceptional game developed by Norkoala. It is a role-playing game that takes players to an alternative fantasy universe full of exciting characters (primarily obtained from the popular Genshin Impact game).

The game provides gamers with diverse options, allowing them to create the perfect avatar and develop it in different ways. Players can also choose from several characters, including Quqi, Zhongli, Albedo, Xiao, Collei, Chongyun, Dischl, and Noelle.

jade chamber sunshine 2

It also has many locations to explore, such as the Jade Chamber Sunlight and other places in Liu Harbor. Gamers can battle monsters and engage in various activities like fishing or cooking.

Overall, the game will help you relive the Genshin Impact experience hassle-free. Download it and explore the puzzle-ridden environment as you fight & interact with lovely characters!

Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK Download - Storyline

The Chamber of Many Jades (an air-based place used by Wixong to monitor the Liu area) is filled with ancient artifacts and powerful secrets. It was dismantled in a fierce battle between the city of Liu & the ancient god Osiel.

It was later rebuilt by Ningguang, making it the capital (Administrative Center) of Qixing. Since then, many adventurers have purposed to find its entrance (in Ningguang) and discover what lies within.

jade chamber sunshine 3

After much searching, you have discovered the code that will open the door - but it won't be easy to get past the strong defenses that protect it. You must face a multitude of enemies and traverse treacherous terrain to make it through the entrance.

Once inside, you are met with breathtaking beauty that can only be found in such an enigmatic place. You explore each room, encountering a variety of new enemies and traps that test your skills. As you get into the depths of this hair-raising palace, you find yourself drawn deeper into its mystery.

Eventually, after many battles and much difficulty, you finally come to understand what lies in this secret Chamber of Many Jades - powerful artifacts with incredible power, and the truth of its existence and purpose. With your newfound knowledge, you can now travel back to Liu with a sense of pride and accomplishment. This is your story, an epic tale made possible by the Chamber of Many Jades.

Other Outstanding Features

  • Mind-Engaging Puzzles & Combat. You must customize your characters to their full potential to succeed in battle, as well as use your wit and strategy to solve a multitude of puzzles.
  • Immersive Environment (Tewat) & World Exploration. Explore the various locations within the Jade Chamber Sunlight (also known as Tewat in the game) and take in the beautiful scenery as you go (beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, and other awe-striking features).
jade chamber sunshine 4
  • Anime-Style Graphics. The game features an impressive anime-inspired art style that brings the characters & locations to life with vivid colors. The silly sounds and animations add a bit of humor too!
  • In-Chat Feature and Leaderboards. To have a more social experience, utilize the in-game chat function to interact with friends and compare progress on the leaderboards.


Jade Chamber Sunlight Test APK for Android is an incredible game for Genshin Impact fans. The game combines action, puzzle-solving, & exploration and has a unique anime-inspired art style that brings the characters to life. The environment is captivating and immersive. Download it now and enter an unforgettable journey!

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