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Download Lab2 Under Ground APK latest version and shoot adversaries while avoiding deadly traps. Its storyline has twists & turns that test your agility and precision.


Application information

Name Lab2 Under Ground
Version 1.25
Size 319 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Nekonomeme

What is Lab2 Under Ground APK 2024?

Lab2 Under Ground APK for Android is a side-scrolling shooter game with a futuristic setting. You play as an agent sent to investigate a mysterious facility called Lab2 Under Ground.

As you delve deeper into the mysteries of this facility, prepare yourself to face a host of enemies and treacherous traps that will push your shooting abilities to their limits. Survive long enough, solve the riddle behind the lab's inner workings, and end it all - that is your mission!

Lab2 Under Ground APK features intuitive touch controls that make it easy to take down your enemies with precision shooting or dodge traps as you move around the map. As you progress, you'll acquire powerful weapons & equipment that can help you survive longer.

With its exciting storyline, intense level design, & diverse weapons, the Lab2 Under Ground APK download will keep you entertained for hours. Download it and experience the thrill of shooting your way out of this dangerous facility.


Lab2 Under Ground APK -Background Story

This game is set in an underground laboratory called Lab2 Under Ground where an ongoing experiment is being conducted. The evil scientists kidnap the main heroine's colleagues and force them to be part of their experiments.

They have set deadly traps to prevent intruders from infiltrating the lab and stopping their evil plan. Armed with her special agent skills, agility, & lethal weapons, it's up to our heroine to take down the bad guys and terminate this sinister experiment.

Yet, this won't be a straightforward feat as the adversaries are plentiful and heavily armed. They have hired goons and set up traps to make your journey even more difficult. Can you guide the heroine through the treacherous lab?

Why is Lab2 Under Ground APK Special?

Lab2 Under Ground APK has been designed with an interesting storyline and a unique art style that brings a nostalgic feeling. It features retro-style visuals and a soundtrack that perfectly complements the atmosphere.


The game provides an exciting fusion of exploration, brain teasers, and shooting. You'll have to rely on your cleverness to survive the dangers lurking in each corner!

While that sounds easy, the catch is in the scarcity of resources and ammunition. Carefully conserve your firearms, ammunition, and melee blade - as running out when you need them most could be a fatal mistake. That's why tactical thinking is as critical as reflexes in this game.

Additionally, the game's plot is highly progressive, unfolding as you progress further into the game. This way, you can expect many turns & twists, making the gameplay highly unpredictable.


Having all its features in mind, it's easy to understand why Lab2 Under Ground APK download is an entertaining experience. It offers exciting levels, intense gunfights, and an unpredictable storyline - all of which make up a great game!

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