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Download Lovecraft Locker latest version and control a tentacle god for an exciting gaming escapade. It lets you interact with in-game characters & have crazy fun.


Application information

Name Lovecraft Locker
Version 1.4.00
Size 112 MB
Category Casual
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Hotpinkgames

About Lovecraft Locker Download

Lovecraft Locker is a unique adventure game set in a high school. It brings out your mirthful side as you interact with various in-game characters.

The game revolves around a mysterious tentacle god exploring a high school. You'll guide it through its escapades, interacting with young girls & enjoying school life.

You'll have many missions to complete in the game, each with its objectives and challenges. You must unlock different levels to progress through the story and have more fun with the tentacle god.

The gameplay is packed with fun, wacky humor, and a dark twist that will keep you engaged for hours. The graphics are stunningly detailed, bringing out its eerie atmosphere to perfection.

If you want an exciting game with a touch of dark humor and thrill, Lovecraft Locker or Android is the perfect game for you. Download it now and start exploring the school.

Lovecraft Locker - Background 

Chances are you've been to a high school before, meaning you're probably familiar with the various cliques and social groups that exist within them. Lovecraft Locker takes this concept to a new level by throwing you into the role of a tentacle god trying to bring refreshing moments to a high school environment.

The game was designed by Strange Girl Studios to offer a unique twist to anime-themed school exploration games. Unlike most games, you'll be in charge of a strange character with pretty weird abilities and motivations.

You'll use your powerful tentacles to lure young girls into your embrace or interact with other in-game characters to have a good time. This unique twist gives the game a very appealing gameplay that'll keep you yearning for more.

Lovecraft Locker - Gameplay & Game Mechanics

At the start of the game, you'll be thrown into a high school environment and tasked with completing various missions as you progress through different levels. However, only a few areas will be available at first, and you'll have to unlock more levels by completing certain tasks.


One of your main goals is to explore the school and interact with different characters to bring out their fun side. You can also use your powerful tentacles to control them, luring them into your embrace or having a good time with them by any other means.


The game's controls are simple and easy to get used to. Just simple taps and swipes will get you going, and there's no need to worry about complex controls. Just ensure your character gathers enough points to unlock new levels and advance the gameplay.

Unique Features of Lovecraft Locker New Version

  • Beautiful Graphics. This game is immersive due to its breathtaking graphics and animations. The lighting effects, color schemes, and details are perfect, and you won't want to put the game down.
  • Non-stop Action & Adventure. Lovecraft Locker is packed with non-stop action and adventure from start to finish. You'll never be bored as you explore the game's environment and complete different missions.
  • Intuitive Controls. You will never have to worry about complex controls as the game's simple and easy-to-use controls will help you stay in control. You must, however, be patient with the learning curve as it does take some time to master.
  • Multiple Sections/ Locations. This game features all the locations you'd expect from a school, including the study hall, the gym, the library, and more. Ensure you understand the dynamics of the sections and use them to your advantage. For example, hallways and corners offer excellent hiding places.
  • Lightweight. This game is optimized for all mobile devices (preferably Android 5.0+), meaning you won't need to worry about compatibility issues. It is also lightweight and will never take up a lot of space or slow down your device. This way, you'll enjoy the gameplay on the go.
  • Numerous Upgrades. In the beginning, you will have vacant lockers to explore, making it difficult to find characters to interact with. Fortunately, the game includes numerous upgrades that make the process faster and easier. You'll soon have lots of characters in the hall, giving you more options for fun.
  • Free. This game is completely free to download and play, and you can enjoy the gameplay without worrying about any in-app purchases. This way, you'll enjoy the full game experience without restrictions or limitations.

System Requirements & Additional Information

To install the game, you must have an Android 5.0+ device and at least 1 GB of free RAM. It is optimized to run smoothly on all mobile devices, and you won't have to worry about lag or bugs.

Besides, the game is regularly updated with new content to keep things fresh and exciting. As such, you can expect to find new levels, characters, and upgrades regularly.

Useful Tips for Playing Lovecraft Locker 2024

  • Ensure you use different abilities and upgrades strategically to advance through the game. For example, use your tentacles to control characters and gain access to hidden areas.
  • Explore all the game's locations carefully and interact with as many characters as possible to increase your score. Pay close attention to each character's personality and behavior, ensuring you find the right approach for every situation.
  • Stay focused and alert, especially when exploring hidden areas or tackling difficult missions. You may need to stay on your toes and use all your abilities effectively.
  • Be careful not to be reported to the school's authority figures, as this may result in losing points or progress. Pick your battles wisely and use stealth to your advantage at all times.

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy Lovecraft Locker to the fullest and achieve success no matter what challenges you face. Download the game today and start exploring the world of Lovecraft.


Lovecraft Locker is an exciting mobile game that challenges you to explore and complete different missions in a school environment. It offers beautiful visuals, easy-to-use controls, and numerous upgrades to keep things interesting.

Additionally, the game is completely free to download and play, making it a great choice for players of all experience levels. You'll have 100% freedom to decide your gameplay's trajectory.

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