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Minecraft PE Modern City Map is a free-to-play mod that places you in a modern world with tall modern-style buildings, lush houses, and the latest city designs.

Application information

Name Minecraft PE Mobile Modern City Map
Version 1.0.0
Size 68 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer MCPE ML

Minecraft PE Modern City Map - A Modern and Fun Minecraft World

Minecraft modern city maps gained massive popularity in the COVID days, and every Minecraft content creator made a video on MCPE Modern City worlds. Minecraft PE Modern City Map is a modern-themed Minecraft world featuring realistic present-day-themed buildings that look highly appealing to the audience.

Minecraft PE Modern City Map places you in a big lavish city filled with fun, excitement, and, most importantly, tall building spectacles that bring joy to the players. Every old-school Minecraft player has tried to build a modern city at least once in their gaming days.

Players enjoy the Modern Minecraft PE city ideas bringing the realistic experience of real life to their favourite block-world game. So, tap on the Minecraft PE Modern city map download button and indulge in the modern lavish Minecraft block world with all the realistic buildings and spectacles.

Minecraft PE modern city building ideas have been kept unique and contemporary. So, you’ll experience buildings and structures as your experience in real life.

Minecraft PE Modern City Map features unique and soothing structures built with the right type of blocks like a professional. Luxury houses, playgrounds, hospitals, submarines, warships, tanks, yachts, airports, and many more engaging structures are present on the map to give players a heart-warming experience.

Adding to the exclusivity of Minecraft PE Modern City Map, the mod also features unique building structures that enhance the luxury of the map. Impressive buildings like the “Ancient statue of Minecraft” make the map so beautiful and appealing.

The most beautiful and well-detailed building on this enormous high-quality Minecraft PE Modern City Map is the Islamic holy site, “Ka’bah”. A most sacred place in the Islamic community and an overall visual masterpiece that looks highly enchanting even in Minecraft adds to the overall beauty of Minecraft PE Modern City Map!

Want to explore top-notch modern buildings, unique city architecture, and lush structure designs for yourself? Click on the Minecraft PE Modern City Map Download button below and let the exciting exploring begin!

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