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Enjoy this unique map with several floating islands delivering a steampunk style that gives follows an adventure in the Sky. Download the map now and join the adventure!

Application information

Name Steampunk Sky
Version 1.0.0
Size 134 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Frodo666

Steampunk Sky |Playing The New Minecraft PE Maps

Looking for adventures that involve floating islands? Steampunk Sky MCPE mods maps deliver a gameplay that makes moving from island to island a fun adventure. With the buildup of the scenarios and the missions, Steampunk Sky minecraft pe CREATION MAPS lets you explore each island in a fun way.

Each island is connected to another by broken bridges that the play must maneuver through to go to the next one. With a parkour style theme, the players will love how this Steampunk Sky MCPE mods maps allows them to advance through all the 3 structures.

  • A ruined castle that we can rebuild and recreate.
  • A mill to gather food and a small farm to breed the animals.
  • A house designed to allow players to build their own home from the ground up.

The structures are located above a lake and falling off the floating bridges doesn’t kill the players. While exploring the areas around the lake we can find 2 villages and trading helps leveling up to finish the game quickly.

The players need to enter a large flying ship near the island that is looking for a docking area and can be used as a home, storage or crafting stations.

With the Steampunk Sky minecraft pe maps, each island is unique and different from the other. The only way to move from island to island is through bridges and you pass through them by doing parkour or simply rebuild them.

The flying ship is one of the best features of the game as several players can use it as a home or a warehouse with crafting areas. Equipped with all the essentials, the airship has a realistic touch that makes it look beautiful.

Witht he Steampunk Sky MCPE CREATION MAPS download, the game has amazing scenery. While the view is good in the daytime but at night the large floating ship delivers a stunning view.

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